BREAKFAST 10.00 – 15.00

Croissant or toast with butter and jam 3,25

Smoothie – strawberry-banana and poppy seeds 4,50

Omelette or two fried eggs – plain or with: ham, cheese, mushroom, tomato from 6,-

Pancake – plain or with a choice of bacon, cheese, apple from 6,-

Scrambled eggs – plain or with bacon, ham and/or mushrooms from 6,-

French omelette – saucisson and brie 7,50

LUNCH 10.00-18.00


Salmon (Gravad lax) – avocado and remoulade sauce 8,50

Fajita chicken – peppers, red onion and cheese 7,50

Goat’s cheese – balsamic-apple syrup caramel, spinach, walnuts, vegetables 7,50

Melanzane- grilled egg plant, mozzarella and pesto 7,50

Cheese – Old Amsterdam or Young Beemster cheese 3,50

Toasted sandwich – ham-cheese, cheese-tomato or cheese 3,50

FranseFrench toasted sandwicht with saucisson and Brie 4,50


Caesar Salad – Romain lettuce, Parmesan cheese, boiled egg, croutons and caesar dressing 12,50

Goat’s cheese salad with honey thyme dressing, spinach, walnuts, red onion and grilled bell peppers 11,50

Tom kah kai soup with french bread 5,-

Tomato soup with french bread and pesto creme 4,50


Meat croquettes on bread with mustard 6,50

Shrimp croquettes with toast, lemon mayonnaise and fried parsley 8,-

Amsterdam meatball with Amsterdam onion, gravy, pickle and french bread 8,-

Chickpea pancake with coleslaw, mango chutney and nut crunch 10,50

Prins Burger (180 gr) red onion, Gruyere, chimichurri, tomato and frites 12,-

Ravioli filled with goats cheese and green asparagus, with fried basil, black pepper, sage butter and parmesan cheese 12,50 / 14,50

Steak frites – Rumpsteak, pepper sauce, salad and frites 17,50


Bitterballen 5,25

Spring rolls 5,25

Amsterdam cheese 5,-

Saucisson 5,25

Cheese fingers 5,25

Olives 5,-

Nacho’s out of the oven with cheddar, tomato salsa, guacamole, spring onion, jalapeño and crème fraîche 7,-

Calamaris with lemon-garlic sauce 7,-

Variety of snacks 10,50

Variety of warm snacks 10,50


Apple pie with whipped cream by patisserie Arnold Cornelis 4,-

Cheesecake by patisserie Arnold Cornelis 5,50

Raspberry sorbet with tangerine coulis and dutch biscuit 5,-

Poffertjes (small pancakes) with maple syrup and butter 5,50